Corporate events are specifically designed to promote a company. Companies that have events likely have very strong brand images, which they want to be seen in every part of the event. It’s not enough to use the company colors anymore. The brand must be felt through every part of the event for it to be a truly integrated experience. Here are some ways to create branding opportunities to market your next event.

Food is a huge aspect of any event. Put the company logo on the food and use the color palette as the deciding factor in the type of food you serve. If there’s a menu, create customizable names for the food. Guests will notice and appreciate how the brand is integrated into the smallest parts of the event.

Music is memorable and sets the tone for the entire event. Choose music that reflects the organization’s personality. From background music to the grand finale, pay special attention to the music to send the right message to guests. Techno music is going to convey a very different message than jazz or blues. This message will stick with guests and influence the kind of experience they have.

Event Favors
People love freebies, and using the event favors to reinforce the brand is one of the best things you can do at your event. Favors can be especially enticing when paired with a product launch. If you choose a giveaway that doesn’t directly relate to the brand, but can be used on a daily basis, your guests will never forget about your event and brand.

Whether you’re enhancing the food, or creating a killer playlist specifically for your company, taking every opportunity to brand your event is essential. What are some of the best branding opportunities for experiential events that you’ve seen?

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By: Venue One Chicago

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