Sometimes corporations find themselves stepping into the shadows and losing their brand personality. Luckily, experiential marketing events are the perfect opportunity to change how people think about your brand and what you stand for. At Event Creative our team strives to organize experiential events for clients that make an emotional connection between the brand and customers. No traditional ad is as memorable as a brand experience that a consumer will never forget.  Here are three ways to re-define your brand through a corporate event.

Create Brand Synergy Through the Events

To organize a successful corporate event it’s important to identify the feeling the brand exudes and replicate that in every part of the event, from the color of the table cloths to the invitations, the venue, and the lighting, every aspect of the event should recreate the brand as an experience. By transitioning the brand into an experience that engages the senses, you will raise the brand value, attract sponsors, and create brand loyal customers.

Promote Social Media Use

We hear it over and over again. Social media is an invaluable tool for every industry. Event planners should use social media to help their clients reach the most people possible. At Event Creative we create interactive activities events so guests can share their experience and simultaneously talk about the brand or company. Setting up a photobooth is one way to do this, as people love to share pictures online. Work with your client to create a hashtag guests can use and if possible, livestream the event so that it can be seen worldwide.

Do Something Different

When planning an experiential event, don’t be afraid to do something outside the box. Too often, corporate events become generic and unpredictable. To help your client re-define their brand, encourage them to do something that is unexpected. By shocking the guests in a positive manner, they will change how they feel about the brand.  

Whether your client is launching a new product or service or just put their company back on the map, an experiential marketing event is your biggest opportunity to forge a relationship between your brand and customers that will live long after your event is over.
What are your favorite ways to re-define your brand through corporate events?

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By: Event Creative

Event Creative is a full-service experiential agency that creates dynamic and meaningful social, digital, and branded experiences for private clients, consumers, and business audiences. Event Creative’s designers, carpenters, and graphic artists comprise one of the most comprehensive teams in the industry. With complete floral, fabric and set design studios, in conjunction with an extensive inventory of lighting, furniture, sound and video equipment, Event Creative is the one-stop-shop for all event design and production needs.

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