Gala season is here, and many of these special events are focused around nonprofits raising funds for good causes, but the traditional benefit gala structure is getting a bit too predictable. Many organizations are moving away from the basic structure and introducing fresh elements, concepts, and experiences, which are paying off and resulting in more donations and support. Here are four ways to rethink the typical gala event production.

Playful Activities

By introducing fun, lighthearted activities, guests will feel more comfortable. Offbeat carnival games and races can encourage your guests to donate money through ticket purchases. Surprising guests in this way will engage their imaginations and make them more willing to relax, have fun, and in turn support your organization.

Dining Alternatives

Changing up the usual sit-down dinner can help bring guests together. Instead of a formal sit-down dinner where guests are confined to their assigned table, consider a dinner where people can freely move around and mingle with others. It could be food stations, or a casual cocktail party vibe, but you will immediately create a more inclusive environment for your gala party.

Purposeful Decor

Everything you do at a benefit gala should be purposeful, even though you don’t want the guests to know that. Decor should be integrated with the reason for the gala. If you are supporting an organization, use decor that supports their cause. Art Centers can display artwork that can be purchased, and organizations focused on sustainability can decorate with natural elements.

Strategic Timing

The date you set your special event for is crucial. If nobody can attend, you won’t reach your donation goal. Pay attention to the kind of people you’re inviting, and when they’ll be most likely to attend the gala.

Gala season is an exciting time, and planning a benefit is even more exciting because it’s an event with a purpose. But these types of events don’t have to be cookie cutter. What are some ways you rethink a typical benefit gala?

By: Venue One Chicago
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