Like most industries, event design & production is constantly evolving, especially in regards to social events. Led by social causes, social groups and communities, social events are at the forefront of new concepts and strategies. From the proliferation of social media tools and tech advancements to sustainability and environment awareness, here are the 5 social event trends that are on Event Creative’s radar.

1. Technology. Social events in particular have taken advantage of technological advancements. With mobile applications that cater to various pieces of an event-the planning, the coordination, the invitations, the story, etc., technology, especially via a mobile device, is frequently a major part of any social event.

2.Fitness. Running, yoga, dance and teambuilding events have continued to grow amongst participants and sponsors. Thousands of people sign up for fitness-oriented events every year, and corporate sponsors love the engagement and publicity. It involves an experience, along with a travel element and a fun excursion. More and more corporations within a wide range of industries are embracing and sponsoring social events that incorporate fitness.

3. Silence. BizBash produced an article about the growing trend of silence, that varies from movie screenings to mass meditations. The silence movement now seen across social events has major experiential qualities, but it also provides the functional piece of eliminating distractions. Industries such as healthcare and wellness have truly embraced this trend.

4. Nostalgia. Event marketers are realizing the importance of creating nostalgia with market segments, primarily amongst millennials. References to the 80s and 90s have become part of the strategy within today’s social events. Whether they lived it or not, people are familiar with specific decades through time and have a very specific feeling and memory when a certain decade is mentioned.

5. Going Green. Sustainability and eco-friendly social events have been trending for awhile, and event planners are becoming more aware (and more creative) about the impact of their events on the planet. Social events from tradeshows to large meetings have incorporated elements of “going green” that make the planner and the host feel good about the environmental benefits!

The creative use of technology, fitness, silence, nostalgia and going green have all become major trends within the social events realm of event design and production. To find some inspiration for your next social event, take a look at the Social Events page on Event Creative and find out how they can get your social event trending. From arranging decor to finding the perfect venue, Event Creative can bring your social event to life.

By: Event Creative

Event Creative is a full-service experiential agency that creates dynamic and meaningful social, digital, and branded experiences for private clients, consumers, and business audiences.

Event Creative’s designers, carpenters, and graphic artists comprise one of the most comprehensive teams in the industry. With complete floral, fabric and set design studio, in conjunction with an extensive inventory of lighting, furniture, sound and video equipment, Event Creative is the one-stop-shop for all event design and production needs.

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