In a world dominated by technology and social media it can be hard to pull millennials away from their screens and engage them at a corporate event. At Event Creative we strive to break the conception that corporate events are tedious and generic by organizing events that ‘wow’ guests and have them raving all about it in the office on Monday. Here are 5 ways to engage millennials at your next corporate event.

Add an Interactive Element  

Millennials love to collaborate, but find it difficult to bond with their older and senior level colleagues. By organizing an event that offers an interactive activity, you break down the hierarchical barriers and create a space for learning and bonding. Social artworking or group cooking allow this energetic group to be active and go beyond the surface level conversation that a simple company dinner would create.

Don’t Forget About Personalization

Even when millennials aren’t in the office, they are always working, thinking, and itching to contribute in some way. Members of this generation are proud of their individuality and want to flaunt it. Let your employees express their uniqueness at the event and share their thoughts. After the event, ask them for feedback. They’ll appreciate that you care about their opinion.

Keep the Event Casual

Members of this generation don’t care for rigid environments. This is why people come to work in jeans and sit in open, collaborative offices.  If they’re going to spend their free time at a corporate event they want it to be informal and genuine. Hold the event at a relaxed location, have a drink, and take a breather!

Go Green!

Millennials care about the world around them and want to work for socially responsible companies. When you hold events, try to be conscious of the food you eat and the materials you use. Simple strides like recycling, abandoning plastic, and local foods make a big impression on millennials.

Make Your Event Social-Media Worthy

Quite possibly the most valuable tool to boost your company is social media. Hold an event that is Instagram-worthy and your millennial employees will be sure to share it and promote your company for free. Snap a photo in front of a branded backdrop and create an event-specific hashtag that will get millennials sharing in no time.  

There’s no doubt that each year the workforce is increasingly being dominated by millennials who demand corporate culture that is authentic and innovative. By implementing these features at your event, you’ll be sure to engage your generation Y attendees. What are your favorite tips to engage millennials at corporate events?

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By: Event Creative

Event Creative is a full-service experiential agency that creates dynamic and meaningful social, digital, and branded experiences for private clients, consumers, and business audiences. Event Creative’s designers, carpenters, and graphic artists comprise one of the most comprehensive teams in the industry. With complete floral, fabric and set design studios, in conjunction with an extensive inventory of lighting, furniture, sound and video equipment, Event Creative is the one-stop-shop for all event design and production needs.

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