2015 whizzed by, and the new year is finally here! The trends of last year have exited the building, and new wedding reception trends have made way. At Event Creative, we are not only excited to see how the wedding season will pan out in 2016, but we’re also looking forward to making some wedding dreams come true. Here are 5 wedding reception trends to expect in the new year.

Diverse and Delicious Menus

Many to-be brides and grooms are opting out of formal three course meals. Couples want their wedding to feel authentic and reflect who they are. Instead, they are choosing to introduce unique, and less formal, options such as their favorite taco truck or the deep dish pizza they had on their first date. This personal choice will make the event more memorable and personal for both the guests and the couple.

Instagram-Worthy Interiors

Social media, and especially Instagram is all the rage right now. Young couples are shooting to create interiors that will shine on their profiles. Wedding hashtags allow couples to browse and share real receptions to get realistic ideas that they can implement on their own special day. The thought of sharing their special day is enough to inspire aesthetically pleasing and trendy interiors.

Raw Action Shots

Posed photos are no longer making the cut. Couples are asking photographers to take action shots that show real, raw emotions in the moment. The moment the groom sees the bride for the first time, the excitement on the flower girls face as she walks down the aisle, and the embrace of the groom and his best childhood friend are just a few examples. These are the shots that will tell a story and be treasured for years after the event.

The Outdoors Coming Inside

Planning outdoor weddings is always risky. In 2016, couples will favor natural interiors to get the feeling of being outside without the worry of unexpected weather. To give the venue a more organic and rustic look, we expect that couples will decorate with dried flowers, greenery, vines, and reclaimed wood. Choosing a venue with big windows will bring the sunlight inside and create a natural warmth inside as well.

A Smaller Guest List

Couples planning weddings in 2016 are favoring quality over quantity. Planning a high-quality event for a smaller group of friends and family is on our radar this year. Whether this means a destination wedding, or a small DIY ceremony in their backyard, couples are looking to build more intimate guest lists rather than inviting everyone they have ever met.

With all these trends sure to emerge this year, the team at Event Creative is ready to see how they change the way weddings are celebrated. From more intimate guest lists to unique food choices, 2016 is sure to be a game changer for wedding trends.

What 2016 wedding reception trend are you most excited to see this year?

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By: Event Creative
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