About Us 

 Venue One Chicago has a unique style. Besides the special venue, we also know that great tasting food should also be appetizing, fun to eat and great tasting. We know how to make a plate that will be appetizing not only in taste but even to your eyes. We can create unique food presentations with finesse and style. Our venue has space of up to 5,000 people with a complete set of high-quality audio-visual materials and lights. Elegant tables and chairs. And, our extensive collection of ceramics, glass, wood and many other serving utensils allows us to make a meal, a party and a venue which is truly one of a kind. 


Venue One Chicago Team takes pride in an international experience in all aspects of venue, catering and event industry. A passion and love for food influenced our executive chef to pursue a career as a professional chef. In his 15 years of experience working in several world-class renowned restaurants both local and international as a professional executive chef, he developed his skills and passion. Because of the interest in culinary art and love for food, he pursued his career to the next level.  He teamed up with the people with the same passion and interests. Being surrounded by a dedicated and professional team makes him more passionate about all aspects of culinary arts.  


Our clients love our executive chef and his cooking, many people wanted to know his recipes, so they are buying our chef’s recipe that is available in the nearest bookstore and in our website as well.  


Our event management and operations are known throughout the industry for his expertise. He makes sure that every special occasion runs smoothly. Everything from start to finish, he stays calm whether the guest list is composed of just a hundred or less or thousands. 


Here at Venue One Chicago, we understand and execute the specific desires of each client to ensure that the special event you ever dreamed of will run smoothly and perfectly.