So you have this amazing idea for a revolutionary product or app, and you just KNOW it’s going to work. However, developing a new product is only half of the success, and equal attention should be paid to actually launching it. Take it from Steve Jobs, a quintessential genius in launching new products for maximum sales. Turtleneck-clad Jobs presenting the iPod or showing off the iPhone is the stuff of legends. Today, Apple product launches are both highly anticipated and widely covered. Here are some tips on how to capture a bit of Steve Job’s magic and kickstart your own product.

Turn your product launch into an event

Never underestimate the power of a successful product launch event. You think a simple press release will do it? When Apple launches a new product, they plan an entire event around it, going as far as to closing their online store so that everyone knows something important is happening. Similarly, throw a big event and announce your product amid much fanfare. Be precise and give yourself ample time to plan your every word and gesture to leave a lasting impression on guests that has them promoting your product for you.

Samsung Product Launch

Samsung Product Launch at Venue One Chicago

Pinpoint the perfect location

The venue choice can either make or break the entire event. When selecting the venue keep your target audience in mind. It should also reflect your company, your brand and your culture. Proximity matters, so make sure the venue is easily accessible to the target attendees.  Venue One Chicago offers an all-inclusive meeting and event center in Chicago. The fully customizable 25,000 square foot space provides you with an option to host your product launch marketing event for up to 800 guests.


If you’re looking for a venue in the Chicago suburbs to launch your product, Venue One North Shore is a 85,000 square foot venue which includes a 7,000 square foot outdoor garden, wine room, and restaurant-caliber kitchen with culinary staff on-site.

Venue One North Shore

Venue One North Shore Unveiling

Keep it exclusive

Apple has taught us that launch parties are strategic events held for target attendees. Start with clearly defining the purpose of the launch. Do you want to gain media coverage, get support from the industry, or generate more sales? Who is invited is paramount to achieving the desired event-goal. Invite specific players such as journalists, bloggers, and industry experts who can cover the event and spread the word to your target market. If your product is ready, contact bloggers who reach your prospective clients and give away your product in exchange for a review or feedback to kick start your product launch marketing.

Keep it personal

“Hello, I am Macintosh.” For the 1984 launch event of the Apple Macintosh, Jobs and his team had programmed the Macintosh to introduce itself through a voice demo. From then on, every new Apple product debut aimed to create a personal connection and conversation with the audience. For a perfect personal pitch, invite your attendees to help you demonstrate your product, ask them questions, and tell them why they need it without sounding like a used car salesman or filling your sales pitch with technical jargon as a part of your product launch event ideas.

Keep it secret

The suspense. The rampant speculation over the release of a new product. Steve Jobs was a master of this tactic. By keeping major product details secret until the launch event, you can keep your audiences and the press guessing and talking, creating anticipation and free buzz about the upcoming product launch. Announce a concept and drop clues about your product, but do not disclose all information.  Give them just enough to want more.

A successful product launch strategy will not only build the hype, but also get the conversation rolling. Make it all about the people attending. With a talent for presenting and creating intrigue, you can truly maximize the success of your product launch.

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By: Venue One Chicago
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