From selecting the location to managing the vendors, corporate event planning can be an extremely tedious and elaborate responsibility. This is especially apparent when the task falls onto a corporate staff member or an inexperienced event planner. However, we at Event Creative have outlined an easy-to-follow 10-step process that will hopefully help in achieving a perfect corporate event.

1. Determine the Objectives, Goals and Budget: When you define what you want to accomplish with your event, you are making the necessary preparations needed for a successful corporate event. An event design and production agency will usually provide much-needed assistance during this step, if you choose to hire one.

2. Create the Guest List: When you are putting together your guest list, consider your overall objectives. Who is your target audience? Are you trying to attract new clients, retain clients or celebrate with clients? A well-researched guest list is a key component to a perfect corporate event.

3. Find a Perfect Venue: The location is key when preparing for your corporate event. Select a venue that works within your budget, but consider what the venue provides (tables, chairs, in-house catering, lighting, sound, etc.) and what can be branded. Venues like Venue One Chicago and Venue One North Shore are great examples of viable venues.

4. Confirm Vendor Arrangements: Sign off on vendor contracts as early as possible and make a copy of everything. Any necessary event deposits should also be made well in advance. Also, make sure that any event staff (ticket collectors, ushers, waiters, etc.) are also all well-informed of the plans for the corporate event.

5. Establish Event Timing and Procedures: Is there an opening ceremony? Will there be a set time for a sit-down dinner? Ensure adequate scheduling for every piece of the event, and allow additional timing for potential delays. Also consider the ticketing process, seating procedures, and time allotted for announcements or speeches.

6.Organize Staff Assignments: Along the same lines, there will likely be some key corporate staff members who will have responsibilities at the events, aside from mingling with the guests. With detailed direction, these staff members will be able to help make the event a success, and give you some relief as well.

7. Reconcile, Review and Revise the Event: After the corporate event, there will likely be loads of invoices to be expensed. Reconcile the finances, not only in terms of these event invoices, but also in regards to the overall budget and profit margin. Once you’ve reviewed the event, make any necessary revisions for the next one!

While the best way to create a perfect corporate event is to hire a full-service event design and production agency, we hope that these tips come in handy when you have to plan it yourself. Otherwise, for your event design and production needs, visit Event Creative.

By: Event Creative

Event Creative is a full-service experiential agency that creates dynamic and meaningful social, digital, and branded experiences for private clients, consumers, and business audiences.

Event Creative’s designers, carpenters, seamstresses, and graphic artists comprise one of the most comprehensive teams in the industry. With complete floral, fabric and set design studios, in conjunction with an extensive inventory of lighting, furniture, sound and video equipment, Event Creative is the one stop shop for all event design and production needs.

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