Within the corporate world, boardrooms everywhere are making hiring decisions for their upcoming corporate and special events. It comes down to hiring an employee or outsourcing. However, without even realizing it, businesses that handle events internally typically end up spending more money, time, resources, and effort than if they had outsourced. Here are 4 reasons as to why corporations should outsource their event design and production needs.

1. Less Overhead

On average, the overhead costs required to sustain a corporate employee entail everything from heat, lights and equipment to human resource and executive functions. Furthermore, when an employee is specifically tasked with event planning, that usually means that there is even more overhead involved than what is covered within the salary. Of course, agencies have overhead as well, but the costs are built into the rates charged, rather than added onto a corporate salary.

2. More Focus

When a corporate employee is tasked with event-planning duties, they usually come second in priority to the core functions that must get done on a daily basis. When outsourcing an agency to manage an event, the entire focus of that agency is towards that event. Additionally, the agency outlines the tasks and schedule in a proposal and subsequent contract, so that the corporation can feel secure knowing that the job is getting done.

3. No Sales/Operational Loss

Corporate employees who were originally hired for operational or sales functions cannot risk being tasked with something as detail-oriented as event planning. Internally, sales losses could occur and operational productivity could suffer as a result. Especially for those in sales, when you calculate their time spent on sales and subtract the time needed to plan an event, the potential losses become apparent.

4. Better Rates, Efficiency, Experience, etc.

An agency that does events all day, every day for a living is going to manage an event much more efficiently than an internal corporate staff member. With a team behind them, they can execute an event seamlessly and in circumstances of limited time. Additionally, an agency who works with various contractors (like caterers, etc.) on a regular basis will be able to establish better third party rates than that of a corporate employee. Finally, certified, experienced professionals within an agency have developed extensive backgrounds within a variety of projects and positions that ensures both innovation and manpower.

While the knee-jerk reaction has previously been to hire an employee to manage corporate events, the new, more cost-effective and best option for corporations is to outsource an agency. For your event design and production needs, visit Event Creative.

By: Event Creative

Event Creative is a full-service experiential agency that creates dynamic and meaningful social, digital, and branded experiences for private clients, consumers, and business audiences.

Event Creative’s designers, carpenters, seamstresses, and graphic artists comprise one of the most comprehensive teams in the industry. With complete floral, fabric and set design studios, in conjunction with an extensive inventory of lighting, furniture, sound and video equipment, Event Creative is the one stop shop for all event design and production needs.

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